Nature and Eco-Tourism

Mexico’s natural wealth is distributed over 760,390 miles of territory.  Geological formations, climates and natural diversity have turned our country into a wide range of options for exploration and ecofriendly. Here you will find countless environmentally protected areas which have been preserved with minimal intervention of human hands over the course of many years. These wonderful settings are a delight for all those who love nature, as well as being important cultural settings. North of the country, you will find deserts, high mountain forests, and coastlines with unparalleled biodiversity. In the central part of Mexico, you will find the large mountain ranges with volcanoes offering stunning postcards with their large mantles of vegetation and abundant wildlife. If you love nature, you must visit places of unparalleled beauty such as the Biosphere of the Sea of Cortes, in Baja California Sur, or the stunning Copper Canyon in Chihuahua. To the south of Mexico you will find jungle areas housing most of the archaeological sites, where you will find the greatest biodiversity in the country.  Among the most important sites are the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve located in the Mexican Caribbean, and the state of Chiapas has six national parks. There are many archaeological sites in the Mexican Caribbean, as well as beaches and reefs, all of which are only a sample of the nature tourism activities or “ecofriendly” which are promoted through low ecofriendlyimpact activities which attempt to include the participation of its inhabitants for their own benefit. Scattered all over the country, there are about 30,000 species of flowers, including 1,000 species of orchids. There also are around 1,000 species of birds with a catalog of up to 50 types of humming birds. Mexico is home to around 1,500 species of reptiles, mammals and amphibians, that inhabit protected areas for their conservation, nesting, breeding and spawning, in the case of turtles, dolphins or whales. Mexico is also a sanctuary for many species, such as the Monarch butterfly, as millions of these tiny animals visit areas in the State of Mexico and Michoacan every year, coming from Canada. Come and fall in love with the natural beauty Mexico has to offer.

Things to do


Basaltic Prisms


nature hidalgo Delight the senses, witness a unique natural sight. Allow yourself to be surprised by the natural beauty of the Basaltic Prisms, rock formations carved by water over millions of years, thus achieving a perfect geometric structure. Located just 30 minutes from Pachuca, Hidalgo’s capital, in the town of Santa María Regla, these stone columns are one of the 13 natural wonders of Mexico. Surrounded by forests and lush vegetation, the prisms are perfect to go hiking, or taking trips in hot air balloons and camping, and are a “must visit” landmark in Hidalgo.

Children’s summer camps


nature xaxpha Beach, forest, river and mangrove swamp adventures lie in store for children everywhere this summer at a number of destinations across Mexico. This vacation, don’t pass up the chance to offer your kids an unforgettable summer camp adventure alongside kids of their own age, where they will share in fun-packed experiences in some of the most majestic natural surroundings Mexico has to offer. Our country has a variety of organized summer camps on offer, with experiences ranging between ecofriendly, hiking, adventures, beach fun, the release of turtles, activity workshops and even visits to indigenous communities.

Discover the beauty of the Tamaulipecan Huasteca


nature tama Feel the beauty of the Tamaulipecan Huasteca through your eyes. Nestled in a region rich in resources and natural wonders in the southern region of the state, it encompasses the municipalities of Llera Gomez Farias, Xicotencatl, Ocampo, Antiguo Morelos, Nuevo Morelos, Mante, Gonzalez. Cd. Victoria, Altamira, Tampico, Ciudad Madero, plus an area of Casas and Soto la Marina, where the ancient Huasteca people lived. Head to the municipalities of Gomez Farias, Ocampo, Llera and Jaumave where you will find the El Cielo Ecological Biosphere Reserve.

Enjoy Michoacan as a family


nature micho Michoacan is a wonderful state with many attractions and activities for families to enjoy. Whether you come with small children, teenagers or adults, here you will find something that will amaze you and will make you smile from ear to ear. To enjoy the state’s well-known abundant nature, a visit to the Barranca de Cupatitzio National Park in Uruapan is always a good choice for the whole family. They will enjoy its prolific vegetation, and in addition, it offers beautiful waterfalls originating at the Cupatzio River, which is born here.


Guachochi: a window to the Sierra Tarahumara


nature chihu Guachochi is a city where, first by force and then with a notorious mutual respect, Mestizos and Tarahumaras coexist. Ecofriendly has been a lucky factor for change. The city is developing very interesting projects such as the Lago de Las Garzas (Lake of the Herons) where you will be able to catch good-sized trout or take a tour on a pedal boat. A few minutes at one of its viewpoints will fill you with peace and quiet for the next few months of your life.



La Bufadora, a natural legend


nature ensenda In the peninsula of Punta Banda, 21 miles south from the city of Ensenada, lies one of the region’s most impressive natural attractions: La Bufadora, one of the largest marine geysers in the world. This geyser is caused by the breaking of waves against a cave that is at the bottom of the cliff, reaching a height of up to 65 feet.




Live the Adventure in Hidalgo


nature hidalgo 2 Have fun exploring nature, encourage your traveling soul and be prepared to live an adventure. If your idea of a vacation is to get the adrenaline pumping, Hidalgo is the right place for doing this. Here you will be able to swim, hike, fish, ride a bicycle, and practice rappelling, in addition to camping. The wide variety of climates and surfaces in the State of Hidalgo offer a world of possibilities for those who enjoy strong emotions. For those who love heights, the San Miguel Regla, Sierra Verde and Barranca Honda Haciendas, await them to practice rappelling and sliding down zip lines.Once the adventure is over, you can prepare yourself to go fishing for your own food.


Live the magic of Cuatro Cienegas


nature cuo Your experience, when you arrive at the Magic Town of Cuatro Cienegas, cannot be described, a true work of art created by nature, where every nook and every landscape offers perfect postcards of a paradise lost in the middle of the desert. Its history goes back millions of years, when a valley consisting of marshes, springs, ponds and underground rivers emerged from the ocean. Fortunately for us, the conditions of this ecosystem allowed for its conservation and today it extends along 52,195 miles where you will find life and color



Madera and 40 Casas, treasures in the forest


nature chihu Which at first was a sawmill taking advantage of the region’s endless forests today is a small but prosperous town. Here you can participate in all kinds of ecofriendly activities, hunting tourism, kayaking, rafting, rappelling, camping, hiking, bird watching, fishing and much more. In its canyons, plateaus and plains you will find pines, oaks, alders, arbutus, thick-billed parrots, squirrels, coyotes, frogs and above all, peace of mind.



Michoacan, green and natural state


nature micho 2 Green forests emanating refreshing scents, lakes and waterfalls cooling our path, natural spectacles almost impossible to believe: in Michoacan, nature did not hold back and simply allowed its best to flow, thus offering beautiful postcards at every turn. This state has natural parks such as the Barranca de Cupatitzio National Park located in Uruapan, which amazes every visitor. Waterfalls, lush vegetations, regional wildlife and legends are the components of its fantastic and irresistible scenarios.


Monterrey, Birthplace of Ecofriendly

Nuevo Leon

nature nue The complex mountain system which stretches along Nuevo Leon is a great attraction for those who like strong emotions and beautiful natural scenery. This destination is home to waterfalls, incredibly large rocks, caves and high hills. The canyons in Nuevo Leon, not only offer an extraordinary view, they also are a challenge for even the most experienced sportspersons. In the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, the more adventurous can tour the Matacanes Canyon, one of the best places in the world to practice canyon climbing.


Natural Beauty in Chetumal Bay

Costa Maya

nature  costa maya Everything might point to the fact that the town of Calderitas is just another neighborhood in Chetumal, however, it is a place you just cannot miss. Its greatest treasure is sheltered under large conical roofs of palm leaves. There you will find Calderitas’ restaurants offering fish, conch, lobster, octopus and endless seafood delicacies prepared in different local and national versions. As you can see, this small town is known among the locals as the best place to taste the best seafood in the region.


Sea turtles, to the rescue!


nature micho 2 The Michoacan coastline not only amazes because it includes the three words that conquer everyone: sun, sand and ocean, but also because of its rich biodiversity. This region in Michoacan attaches great importance to the conservation of species, which happens to be the case with the sea turtle, which is being rescued at various beaches through important programs. There are many natural sanctuaries in Michoacan, and Maruata beach, one of the best known and most beautiful on this state’s coastline, is a reservation dedicated to their conservation and protection.


State of Mexico unspoiled

State of Mexico

nature state With a vast natural wealth, the State of Mexico is the perfect destination to get adrenaline flowing to the maximum. Here you will be able to conquer mountains, volcanoes, trails and dams, throughout the state. This destination is a favorite among lovers of mountaineering and camping, as there are many places where you can participate in it and sleep surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.



Teotihuacan’s Botanical Garden


nature teo As long as you are visiting Teotihuacan, you should include in your tour a visit to the Botanical Garden, which is located right next to the Pyramid of the Sun. This is an area dedicated to the preservation of around 60% of the flora of Mexico. There you will find nopales, Mexican hawthorne, avocados, figs, limes, apricots, plums, cherries, aloe and cacti such as agaves, biznagas, prickly leave plants, cacti and thistles. This area, which is located inside the village of La Purificacion, is an effort by the women of the community to preserve an important part of Teotihuacan’s endemic vegetation.

The Chepe, adventure on board

Copper Canyon

Vista de tren Chepe en El Fuerte, Sinaloa Unique in Mexico, this peculiar passenger train travels across the Tarahumara Sierra, from the beautiful landscapes of Copper Canyon all the way to Sinaloa. With over 50 years of tradition and service for the Chihuahua residents and its visitors, the peculiar passenger train Chihuahua-Pacifico, better known as the Chepe from its Spanish acronym, is the only passenger train in Mexico. Its purpose is to connect the state of Chihuahua with Sinaloa, in addition to offering an unforgettable experience. This magnificent railroad journeys across one of the world’s most spectacular routes, not only because of the natural landscapes along its path, but also because of the opportunity to get travelers closer to the Raramuri culture.


The Sanctuaries of the monarch butterfly

State of Mexico

nature state of mexico Every year, with the arrival of winter to the State of Mexico, a well-known orange color appears in the oyamel fir and pine tree forests. A sure sign that the monarch butterfly has arrived, after its journey of more than 2,485 miles from Canada. There are three sanctuaries in the state forming part of the Biosphere Reserve of the Monarch Butterfly. Each one is home to between seven million and 20 million butterflies; just imagine the natural spectacle you are about to witness.



Yelapa, The Stuff of Fairy Tales


nature costa The magical village of Yelapa rises magnificently from the mountains: dwellers coexist with nature in perfect harmony. The only way to arrive at Yelapa is by boat. The trip, usually starting from Puerto Vallarta, is well worth it: take time to appreciate the natural rock formations of Los Arcos, the cove of Quimixto, Playa de las Animas (Souls’ Beach) and part of Bahia de Banderas (Banderas Bay). Once at the southern edge of this bay, the town of Yelapa comes dramatically into view, protected by a chain of mountains and thick vegetation. Roofs of palm palapas can be seen from afar.





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