Extreme Sports

extreme  sportsAdventure travel in Mexico is so much more than parasailing and banana boats. There’s an authentic, world-class outdoor experience—something you never dreamt of doing—just a short hop from every beach, town and city. You ascend, dive, fly or explore with the experts, yet you’re kicking back in the comfort of your hotel or campsite by nightfall. And if you need to go deeper, Mexico is ready, in off-the-track bioreserves, remote wilderness areas and undiscovered seashores that become your private paradise. Here, it’s not about package deals and bus rides with looky-loos: your Mexico adventure means a new personal best—where you learn as much about yourself as you do about the incredible sights and experiences that surround you


Things to do

A River Runs Through It

Copper Canyon

Get your adrenaline kicks by river rafting through the canyons River rafting on the various tributaries is one of the main attractions in the Copper Canyon. Papigochi River boasts some incredible rapids. It is located on the canyon’s northern region. Its water volume is catalogued as level III. You’ll want to hire a guide. On the Urique River, close to the town of Divisadero, the rafting is classified as level IV, depending on the season. This one is not for beginners. June through September is the best time to navigate this river. Rio Grande at Peguis Canyon offers a gentler ride and some of the region’s most beautiful panoramic views of enormous canyon walls and vast desert scenery.

Adventure Park Thrills in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya

extreme rivireaZip through the jungle, explore caverns and swim in cenotes at Riviera Maya adventure parks. You could spend your entire vacation lazing on the powdery white sands of the Riviera Maya’s beaches. But when you’re ready for some action, be assured that there’s no shortage of exhilarating activities to be found in the region’s fantastic adventure parks. The Riviera Maya’s unique landscape with its caves, cenotes (sinkholes) and underground rivers, as well as jungle, mangroves and beaches, provides a spectacular setting for a multitude of active adventures guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping. Ride through the jungle on an amphibious all-terrain vehicle, go underground rafting in a water cave studded with stalactites

Adventure Tourism in Sonora


extreme sonora

The State of Sonora has variety of mountain systems for perfect adventure tourism. Its diverse landscapes, ranging from coniferous forests to desert landscapes, as well as coastlines and beaches, are perfect for various activities. You can expirence hiking and mountain biking in the Pico de Guacamaya Hill, the Los Ajos Sierra and the Sierra Libre; participate in the El Tremo Challenge, a two-day, 136 miles epic tour; or participate in hunting tourism, with animals such as mule deer, boar or bighorn sheep

Adventures in the Sky


extreme guana

Enjoy spectacular bird’s eye views of the Bajio region while soaring over Guanajuato. It is an excellent outdoor destination with pleasant year round weather and beautiful landscapes. Nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurous travelers can explore the mountainous terrain and vast natural areas of Guanajuato; including the nature reserve at Las Palomas, Sierra de Lobos and the ecological zone at Valle de Santiago. Popular activities like hiking, mountain biking, rappelling, fishing and camping can be done. Adventure sports enthusiasts flock to Guanajuato for paragliding and hang gliding. Paragliding and hang gliding are similar to one another in that both sports provide spectacular bird’s eye views of the rugged and beautiful landscapes of Guanajuato.

Bahia de Chamela, Island Refuge


extreme costa

Between Punta Rivas and Punta Farallon settles the Bahia de Chamela, where 11 islands and several islets form one of the most amazing beach tourism destinations in Mexico. An entrance to the Pacific ocean from the Jalisco coast, the splendid Bahia Chamela (Chamela Bay) consists of eleven islands and several islets. Punta Rivas and Punta Farallon rise as faithful guardians of the bay. Along the bay’s 13-kilometer road, you’ll find great services for tourists. You can reach this heavenly destination via Camino de las 200 Playas, starting from Barra de Navidad or Puerto Vallarta.

Baja California, an Adventure Under The Sea

Los Cabos

extreme los

Few places bring together so many options as Baja California. Its waters has many marine species and big secrets; on land, beautiful scenic view and lots of fun await you. Home to approximately three thousand marine species, no matter where you are on the peninsula, you will be able to admire hammerheads, sea lions, stingrays, moray eels, corals and old sunken ship


Colima’s eco-friendly face


extreme colima

Pollution free, but you can always opt for a genuine eco-friendly experience in Colima. Take your family to drive of the city, you’ll alight on a place where indigenous people built a small eco-friendly business: Centro Turistico Carrizalillo (Carrizalillo Touristic Center). The park, which belongs to all community members, is home to a large lagoon surrounded by hills. Try your hand at kayaking, or try your luck fishing a delicious lobina.


Cuernavaca… So Exciting!


extreme los

Extreme activities, such as skydiving, climbing or speleology, find the perfect place in Morelos surroundings. The vast extension of green sites, woods and mountains existing in Morelos make it is the place for extreme adrenaline loving adventurers. An increasingly popular activity among young generation is skydiving. 30 minutes away from Cuernavaca is the perfect spot for practicing this intense activity, described by many as ‘exciting’. To prove our resistance, you have to climb the Cerro del Tepozteco.

Ecofriendly in the Emerald Coast

Emerald Coast

extreme emblard

The beauty of the environment around the Emerald Coast has remained almost unchanged over several decades. This is the result of the ecological efforts of the people who live in its communities and want to maintain the area’s balance. It will be very easy to catch this ecological feeling when you admire the green color of its mangroves and the cleanliness of the beaches.


Free as a bird in Valle de Bravo

Valle de Bravo

extreme valle

Get ready to sail through the sky and admire the fascinating landscape below. Just once is never enough though. only a privileged few were able to navigate through the clouds. Today, paragliding, with the simplest of equipment, offers practically anyone the chance to fly. All you’ll required  is just a little courage and the willingness to follow a few basic rules. Valle de Bravo has become a popular  location for many paragliding enthusiasts. Its landscape and atmospheric conditions are best for the sport, hence Valle de Bravo plays host to important national and international events and championships every year

Fun in the City of Gods


extreme teo

Imagine yourself enjoying the archaeological site of Teotihuacan from a height of over 950 feet. Come to San Francisco Mazapa, right next to the pyramids, and ride in a hot air balloon over the beautiful Teotihuacan valley. You can start your tour from 7:00 a.m. onwards, and get ready to admire the City of the Gods, while being suspended in a basket. The fun does not end at Teotihuacan, as in the surrounding areas there are several groups offering tours through the archeological site riding on a bicycle. The meeting place is San Martin de las Piramides, 7 miles from the archaeological site.

Get Wet on the Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya

extreme rivirea 1

From adrenaline thrills to sunset cruises, there are myriad ways to enjoy the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Hundreds of miles of spectacular beaches stretch along the coastline of the Riviera Maya. Backed by the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Mexico’s Riviera Maya is an ideal destination for aquatic sports and adventures both above and under the water. The Riviera Maya is a world-class scuba diving and snorkeling destination. The world’s second largest coral reef system extends the length of the coastline and a stunning array of colorful corals, tropical fish and marine life thrive just below the ocean’s surface.

Just for Adrenaline Lovers

Rocky Point

extreme rocky point

Calm and war waters of the Sonora beaches are the ideal scenario to practice aquatic activities such as swimming, diving and sailing. Rocky Point, a site of exceptional natural wealth, is the popular  destination among many practitioners of aquatic sports. Annual events of sportive fishing tournaments, triathlons (sportive competitions comprising three stages: swimming, running and biking and to which attend athletes from all over the world), sailboat races and other activities practices on the ground, such as desert motorcycle races are carried out here. As a tourism destination that began from sailing and fishing, Rocky Point has the entire infrastructure to enjoy the sea and explore its corners.

Loreto, a Feast For Your Eyes


extreme lor

One of Loreto’s most sustainable attractions is the Sea of Cortez, providing maximum enjoyment of the beauty of its beaches . One of the Baja’s jewels is the Bahia de Loreto (Loreto Bay), made up of the Del Carmen, Danzante, Monserrat, Catalina, and Colorado islands, as well as some smaller islets. The waters connect with the Sierra Giganta, bestowing a spectacular vista on visitors. Diving in these waters is a feast for the eyes; you’ll find an unbelivable panorama of the spectacular world under the sea. The best diving season in the waters of Baja California is February through April. This is when the humpback and sometimes even blue whales may be spotted, making this diving experience even more unique.

Los Tuxtlas, natural reserve

Emerald Coast

extreme emblard 2

To the south of the state of Veracruz, very close to Catemaco, stands a natural reserve that is very important for the world: Los Tuxtlas. 105 miles from the port of Veracruz, this is the perfect place for adventure tourism. where, you can see how the landscape changes between the lush vegetation of the sierra to the swamps of the Coatzacoalcos and Papaloapan rivers. The starting point for Los Tuxtlas is Catemaco, a place of healers, very sought after by both foreigners and locals. Nearly 60 percent of all of Mexico’s birds live in Los Tuxtlas. Bring a pair of binoculars or a camera with a good telephoto lens to preserve images of sparrows, parrots, eagles, larks, and, if you are really lucky, free toucans in their natural habitat.

Lunar Landscape in Mexiquillo


extreme durango

Among Durango’s many landscapes, that of Mexiquillo is known for its striking group of large monoliths – in fact made of petrified lava. Are you on the Moon or a film set in Durango? Doubt naturally arises because, from the vast landscape of coniferous trees in the Sierra de Durango, a semi-arid plain extends in front of you, inhabited by strange, rounded rock formations. The explanation dates back to Prehistory: many millions of years ago, a large quantity of incandescent magma spouted out from the earth and covered this surface with molten lava; millions of years of wind erosion left only a solid core.

Nichupte Lagoon: It’s a Jungle Out There


extreme cancun

Beyond the glitter and glamour, discover eco-tourism in Cancun’s Nichupte Lagoon. The geography of Cancun and the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula provides a nurturing habitat for the thousands of plant and animal species that live in this area. From colorful birds, to reptiles, to monkeys, to leopards and jaguars – nature’s beauty abounds. Although Cancun has experienced a tremendous boom in tourism over the past 20 years, its residents have made it their mission to maintain the beauty and ecology of the land that makes the destination so unique. That is why ecotourists – travelers who have an inherent appreciation of the natural world and combine it with their love of travel.

Oaxaca’s Hidden Gem


extreme huatulco

Chacahua National Park and its five beautiful lagoons border on the coast of the Mexican Pacific. It is a true paradise on earth, local people and visitors agree. Reflections of green in the water, the whisper of the leaves caressed by the breeze and the song of several birds welcome you to Chacahua National Park, Oaxaca’s hidden gem. This is a place blessed with stunning biodiversity, including reptiles (crocodiles, turtles and iguanas) and a great variety of birds (kingfisher, gray, white, blue and the so-called tiger herons, seagulls and pelicans, among others).

Outdoor Adventures in Colima


extreme manza

Explore the wealth of natural attractions surrounding Manzanillo on ecofriendly adventures. The diverse landscape of the region surrounding Manzanillo offers numerous opportunities for the adventure sports enthusiast. Combining ecofriendly with adventure travel is of the most popular Manzanillo activities and adventure tours throughout the area’s vast natural landscapes are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Local guides are available to lead you on ecofriendlyfriendly adventure tours and they can often be easily contacted through Manzanillo hotels and resorts. El Salto Waterfall: Located within the Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de Manantlan (Manantlan Biosphere Reserve), the El Salto waterfall towers more than 100ft overhead.

Overflowing adrenaline in Coahuila


extreme coa

If you are a lover of ecofriendly  and extreme sports, visiting Coahuila will exceed your expectations due to the wide variety of adventure activities it offers its visitors. Begin your ecofriendly tour with a mid-day tour to El Mirador, a wonderful natural area. Get carried away by the local guides who will tell you some stories while you arrive at the lookout and you will be able to see a large part of the San Lorenzo Canyon. Look closely at the sky and you may be able to see some dwarf macaws flying above, these birds are endemic to the region.



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